Dear Health Seekers,

Hello! Welcome.

I am Maya Shrestha Bhattarai, founder of Cherish Functional Wellness. I am a Functional Medicine Certified Family Nurse Practitioner. I am passionate about finding the root cause of chronic illnesses and optimizing your health through simple, comprehensive, natural solutions. Our body can heal with the right environment and care. There is hope!

While we should be thankful for lifesaving conventional medicine, there are shortcomings in preventing and managing chronic illnesses. During the last ten years of my patient care as a primary care provider for all ages, I lacked time and comprehensive tools to help patients get healthier from chronic illnesses. The fifteen-minute visit was too short to listen and understand the story of patients and teach healthy lifestyles. I was going from one pill to another, from one specialist to another, to manage their symptoms, but it did not address the root cause of their illness. Patients were not getting better. They were sad and frustrated, and so was I.

Cherish Functional Wellness was born out of my passion, belief, and desire to empower and bring healing to many suffering from chronic conditions, many of which can be prevented or reversed or their effects minimized naturally. On a personal note, at one point in my life, I was suffering from an illness that needed several ER visits, and my doctors could not find the “why” behind my health struggles, and I did not receive any road map to healing. Finally, I healed myself through the root-cause lifestyle wellness changes. I can relate to your health struggles. We aim to bring long-lasting health to you, your family, and your team. God bless!

Our Values

Giving back to the community

Our Goals

Preventing metabolic and autoimmune condition with early lifestyle intervention
Manage metabolic and autoimmune conditions naturally
Celebrate and cherish your healing journey

Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner

Maya received Functional Medicine certification through the Institute of Functional Medicine.

Courses included:
1. Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice
2. Immune Advanced Practice Module
3. Cardiometabolic Advanced Practice Module
4. Bioenergetics Advanced Practice Module
5. Gastrointestinal Advanced Practice Module
6. Hormone Advanced Practice Module
7. Environmental Health Advanced Practice Module